dancing babyBabies are shaking their booty and taking over the web, with many baby dances being some the most popular videos on YouTube. In 2009 it was Baby Cory dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce and this year the Brazilian Baby dancing the Samba. These videos have gone viral and have millions of views.

While some of these babies are very talented, a new study shows that many infants can bust a move. Researchers from England and Finland studied one hundred and twenty babies between the ages of five months and two years. They placed them on their parents lap and played them different sounds to see if and how they moved. And moved they did, when researchers played music or rhythmic beats the babies bopped along, shaking what their mommas gave them.

The more synchronized the music was the more they smiled. The researchers aren't sure why the humans have this innate desire to shake their groove thing but maybe it doesn't matter, a Dancing Baby is a Happy Baby. So forget rock a bye baby, and crank up Lady Gaga instead.